Introduction To Auto desk AutoCAD | DAY 2

Learn AutoCAD basics: DAY 2

Not like the previous DAY, we are going to start learning cool things today. Not to say that DAY 1 was useless, that helped to warm up.

We have lately learn the basic basics in AutoCAD, and you should by now know the environment and I have no doubt that you are familiar with common words used here to describe stuff such as Command window, Status Bar, Navigation bar…


We will use the image below, and try learning all things we need to learn to be able to create something similar using AutoCAD.

We’ve learned a little how to use the coordinate system to create lines in AutoCAD. In this Session, we will forget a little about the Cartesian coordinate system.


It is true that using the Cartesian coordinate system we could draw lines with specified dimension, but this method is more convenient and is the one you will be making use of in the future.

Read more about how you can create lines and play with their angle


To create the image above


Draw the line of 80 units

  1. Click on LINE
  2. Specify the first point
  3. Make sure the ORTHO mode is ON, Move your mouse rightward, type 80 and Press Enter
  4. Press Esc


Start the second line from the first point of the 80 units line, and draw the second line with an inclination angle of 58 degrees.



Draw the third line. It is a straight horizontal line.



All you have to do now is to create a line from the 2 open points shown on the figure in step 3.


Here is a good exercise that will help you practice what we have just learned. I will suggest youlearn how to use the ROTATE command in AutoCAD before trying to do the following exercise.


In case of difficulties, I would like you to know that I solved this step by step few days earlier.

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