Introduction To Auto desk AutoCAD | DAY 17

Learn AutoCAD basics: DAY 17

There is not much hardship in the session we are about to have. This should be a piece of cake if you have been following the series since DAY 1.

Just for the sake of knowing, here are couple of things you need to know before diving into today’s exercise:

  • You need to have mastered the use of MIRROR command. You can avoid using it but using it the right way to go. After creating those arcs, Use the  MIRROR command to create a mirrored copy on the other side. The red lines can serve as a line of symmetry.
  • To create the arcs, you need to use the feature Tan Tan Radius of the CIRCLE command. If this is the first time you hear about this, it is not late to go and check it out.






To avoid the preceding image to be too bushy, we’ve split information. You can find the remaining part of the information you need in the following picture.


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