Introduction To Auto desk AutoCAD | DAY 13

Learn AutoCAD basics: DAY 13

If you remember what we did in Learn AutoCAD DAY 7, you will notice that the following is quite similar to it. We had to learn how to use the OFFSET command and we have been using it throughout since sometime now. In this session, you have to use it as well.


We have bent this to push you to use the ROTATE command. But it you have eyes to look at the image in a more engineering point of view, you will quickly notice that you can draw the object without inclination angle and bending it just at the end of the project, but as we indicated earlier in this series, feel free to go free-style unless stated not to. But avoid wasting time!

Take the shortest way!




hey! If you have any confusion about this, Just leave a comment below. Let me know what is confusing about this, I will make it clear for you



If you have difficulties, check how we solved the exercise on Learn AutoCAD DAY 7 and Learn AutoCAD DAY 8 that may help you. This exercise is simply the combination of those projects.

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